Fresh Produce Grown For You Locally By Our Black Farmers!

The Farmer’s Bounty Share offers fresh tasting, hand harvested, vibrant produce grown for you by the Farmers of Dreaming Out Loud. Eat healthy and local everyday. Order the size that is right for you. Try it once or SUBSCRIBE to Weekly Deliveries. Also if you're looking for a little something extra, check out our pantry items to add meal-ready, pre-cut produce, delicious snacks, and so much more!

Cut meal prep time in half! The Ready for Dinner Share offers healthy fresh tasting choices with stir fry mixes, pre-made salads, and snackable fruits to make eating healthy easy. Try it once or SUBSCRIBE to Weekly Deliveries.

Some people just love greens! Our fresh, tender collards, kale, bok choy and mustards have more flavor than the usual and make a better pot of greens for Sunday dinner. For you lettuce heads we have crisp, sweet and spicy arugula, spinach and microgreens to supercharge your salads. Try our Eat Green Share now! Order it once or SUBSCRIBE to Weekly Deliveries.

Want A Black Farm CSA Share Of Your Own? 

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